My DEVELOPMENT platform.

My HOUSING platform.



    When I moved to Windsor in 1996, I found safe friendly, affordable walkable community with a prosperous economy and an idyllic waterfront with amazing views. I began a job at “The Pennysaver” with the downtown core as my territory. For four years I drove around downtown, meeting business leaders, selling advertisements to improve their business. From there an opportunity came to transition my sales background into a job within pharmaceutical sales.  I started working for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies promoting products in the Cardiovascular division in 2000. Over the course of my 8.5-year career I worked in Rheumatology, Neurology and Diabetic divisions promoting products that helped save lives and improve the health of people. 

    After I met my husband, Errol we flirted with the idea of leaving Windsor, but realized it afforded us the lifestyle we wanted with affordable homes, close to amenities, with international airports minutes away and some of the best weather Canada has to offer. All elements that would make for an easy retirement, one day. We were home. 

    My husband had worked for a local company doing sewer inspections and installations, this work had him on the road for 4 days a week and only returned home on weekends. We spent many nights away from each other for the first three years of marriage. After watching many work colleagues burn out, develop anxiety and other bad habits we both realized that if our marriage was going to be successful, we needed to see each other daily and have a better work-life balance. He soon started looking for work to be closer to home. However, the economy had started to slow and he, like some many other people; was only able to find temporary jobs through agencies that offered minimum wage, no benefits and little stability. 

    By the time Christmas 2008 we both found ourselves out of work due to economics downturn and searching for employment. The next year and half were quite difficult we both looked for work, but most job went to fresh graduates who would jump at the chance for lower salaries. We exhausted our unemployment benefits and at one point, realized that food banks would have to be an option, if needed. However, I was able to finally find work that just paid enough to meet our living expenses but by Summer 2010 we had both found good jobs. Me, employed at a local community building nonprofit, him, at tool and die company and we continued forward building our lives. 

    For the past 20 years, I’ve been a resident of WARD 8 we love our walkable neighborhood with amenities close to our location ad the wonderful waterfront only at 10-minute walk from our home.  The reason I decided to get involved in the municipal election was that I realized that many of the issues my family had faced over the years were also felt by many throughout the community. Affordable housing, thriving safe communities and a good well-paying jobs were the cornerstone of a great city and help families succeed. I soon realized that we were no different from a lot of other people.  I realized that Windsor had provided us everything we needed to build our lives together, a future due to the affordability of the city.

    I am a proven advocate for our community and want to be your voice on city council for Ward 8. With a career spanning 24 years in the private, public & non-profit sectors, I have a demonstrated ability to work towards positive change. With extensive governance experience, I have remained passionate about issues facing people, particularly Women. With me as your voice on City Council together we can influence polices making Windsor a better place to live for everyone.