Why me?

As a professional living here in the City of Windsor, I have a demonstrated ability to work with others to achieve common goals by applying new ways of thinking. My past experience in private industry has allowed me to think outside the box and find solutions to challenges and then implement and execute the plan with success. As City Councilor for WARD 8 I would bring a new perspective to city hall and provide a voice of the people. 

Traditionally politics is viewed as the work only for an elite group, I’m a regular person living and working in the city and want to ensure that the residents of WARD 8 are safe, part of a growing economy and able to provide support for our families by putting everyone on the path to living our best lives.   

In 2022, it’s important that City Council be reflective of the diversity of the residents of our great city. New ideas and perspectives bring fresh views and modern thinking to how we continue to develop our city. When you elect women to public office, they make decisions that not only improve the lives of children but make society better in general.

We need someone who understands the concerns of Ward 8 and wants to engage with the residents to learn. I will work tirelessly to influence policies to making Windsor a better place to live for all our residents. I would be honored to be your voice for WARD 8 at  City Hall.